Album: "unreleased" (2010)

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Song: The Mark

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The Webster's Dictionary defines Stout as strong of character, physically or mentally strong or forceful, all of which can be applied to Baltimore's hardest driving hardcore since the heydays of Gut Instinct.

Stout was created in 1995 in with Drew Evans (bass), Scott (drums), Dusty (guitar) and T.A.D (vocals). Over the years Stout had gone through a few line-up changes but through it all Scott and T.A.D. remained loyal. With the addition of Josh Hart (guitar) and Doug F1 (bass), in 1998, Stout had become the No Good ... of Hardcore! Together they created a dynamic flow of heart pumping raw music that displays a commitment to Hardcore with a dash of Baltimore insanity.

Stout's sound is a different type of hardcore music using raw and tribal rhythms as main component, while paying respect to the origins of the style. Stout is crushing traditional Hardcore with an Eastcoast, Baltimore flare. They have shared the stage with many heavy hitters, such as the likes of: Bad Brains, Hatebreed, Madball, Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Iron Cross, Killing Time, Breakdown, and countless others.
In 1996 they first recorded a five-song demo, "Dead Man Walking". 1998 contributed to the Raybeez's Tribute / Warzone "The Spirit Lives On". The "Biocaust" EP was recorded in 2000.
"NGMF" was recorded in 2002, with engineer Kenneth Olden (Battery, Damnation A.D., Better than 1000) of Monster Island Studios in Washington, DC.
"Sleep Bitch" was recorded in 2007, with engineer Dave Nachodsky of Invisible Sound Studios in Baltimore, MD.

Since the release of "Sleep Bitch" the band has received rave reviews on their ability to surpass the mainstream with some of the heaviest, hardest and most hateful hardcore mixed with great breakdowns. Overall Stout relies on good transitions from one riff to another rather than focusing on only one part of a song. Creating brutal beat down style hardcore, hard as nails without compromise.